Every session includes the following:

Sessions are available 7 days a week. An additional fee of $25 will be added for sessions starting 4:00 p.m. or later.

Sessions will be available for preview 1 week following the photo session unless otherwise discussed.

Session are available for preview prior to you downloading your session to ensure no edits were missed.

Each image in your session will be fully edited and placed in a locked online viewing gallery accessible with a password provided to you.

The private viewing galleries may be shared with family and friends.

A copyright release will be provided for printing at locations of your choice. I will offer access to the printer I use for base pricing.

Photo sessions are backed up on my website.

Photo session are available for download once the final approval is given with touch ups. If you choose to have your images delivered via flash drive there will be an additional charge of $20/flash drive and it will be mailed to the address provided. The download of the session is no additional cost.

Customers will be given access to the printer I use and my base prices. All print orders are done on your own and not through my website. You are encouraged to use my printer however you are free to have your prints done where ever you choose. The option to order through my website is still available at a discounted price if you would like more assistance when placing an order. The print prices through my website are over above the prices listed above for your session.

Indoor and outdoor photo sessions available. Larger groups will be required to either have an outdoor session or in a facility large enough to accommodate the group due to the small size of my studio. A location I call "The Garage" is a place I utilize for large groups and does have a $25 facility fee that is paid for by the client unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the session. You are more than welcome to request this location or let me know if you have another location in mind.

All funds must be paid in full to reserve the date requested unless otherwise arranged with the photographer for payment. Due to the fact that all sessions are not cookie cutter please make arrangements with Kim prior to payment to ensure all your needs are met. Payments can be made through

Photos will be posted to be viewed after all funds have been received for the photos session.

Minor touch ups are included. Major changes to an image may be available depending on the request. Please contact me for pricing.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I understand session are not "cookies cutter" and may require special consideration and arrangements. I am very open to helping you preserve your family memories at a reasonable rate!
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